I’m Getting Paid to go to Europe…No, Really

Now that I have everyone’s attention, let’s cover the grueling truth behind this seemingly glamorous adventure ahead of me before we get to the fun part!

After literal months of poring over a two-page document, including occasional tears and a birthday celebrated in the library, my Fulbright Award Application was submitted.

Truly, a monumental occasion captured by Snapchat. Completing the application process in itself is a challenge for any aspiring Fulbrighter, and taught me a lot about what makes me “tick.”

Which brings us here, to July 2019. Next week I board a flight to Prague, where I am enrolled in a month-long course of Czech Language and Culture at Charles University. After that, I will spend the next 10 months in the town of Frydlant, Liberec, Czech Republic.

My job is partly as an English Teaching Assistant, and partly as an ambassador of American culture. I work 20 hours a week in the classroom and have other activities to plan in the community. We will see how many pieces of the original plan fall into place–my objectives depend on the needs and desires of the community.

Buuuut I get to have a lot of fun, too! I welcome tips on traveling to Prague, no matter how insignificant they may seem in retrospect. PLEASE, HELP ME!!

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