The Metro Isn’t so Scary, Anymore

After our lessons yesterday, I bought a bus pass for a month at the price of 690 kč.

I probably could have gotten the student discount (which is a STEAL), but I was trying really, really hard to speak Czech at the counter and forgot. Boo on me. But I was able to drown my sorrows* because we found a café to study in for a while, and I got a Pilsner Urquell. Beer is wonderfully cheap!! A pint of good beer was $2.06 (USD). Living off of Czech money has proven to be reasonably easy. A trip to the grocery store was $8. If I don’t eat out, I easily spend less than 200 kč ($10) a day. That may not sound like the most exciting thing I could talk about, but for anyone hell-bent on traveling, know that PRAGUE IS POSSIBLE.

The language class I’m taking through Charles University is going well. Our morning language courses are literally 4 ½ hours…I’ve never studied one thing for so long. Even better, we can’t escape! When we leave class, almost everything we hear is in Czech. Many people do speak English, but Czechs obviously prefer to speak Czech. Talk about total immersion.

Studying in a pub…In the name of total immersion!!

Today we went to Prague Castle (or in Czech, Pražský hrad). We didn’t go through the whole tour, which I was totally okay with. Yes, the castle is beautiful, and historic, and convictive. But at the end of this very long, wet day, I was not compelled to go on a tour of the entire castle. If anyone reading this thinks it is absolutely necessary to tour the castle because it is THAT amazing, please drop a comment below!

An eerie afternoon outside of Pražský hrad.

My five friends and I have really fallen into a nice routine together. I feel like I could trust anyone in this group to do right by me. There are 10 of us in the class, and I like them all. We have people from Russia, Australia, USA, Mexico, Italy, and Germany. I guess there’s not much to write about, since we are just doing what I would have done most other days of my life (just in a new place). We go to school, get lunch, do homework, walk around, go home. It’s become routine, and I like it.

*Disclaimer so my mom doesn’t think I’m serious.

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