Week 2: Visit to Vyšehrad

Today I visited Vyšehrad with two of my friends, and we walked around the historic fort for a while. It is now a beautiful park overlooking the city, complete with a beer garden! I know most of the pictures I have posted look cloudy, but I promise it is sunny most of the time!

View from Vyšehrad with Prague Castle

We ate our way through the afternoon…I have been SO HUNGRY lately. I made a big deal about actually packing my lunch for once, and it was all gone before 11.00. I feel terrible for not taking more pictures of my food, because it is usually quite presentable. Perhaps in the future I can dedicate a post to food 🙂

The three of us finished off the afternoon by meeting up with four other friends at a board game bar, and playing board games for a few hours. Great idea for a rainy evening! It was the first time I have ever paid a cover (60 Kč) to enter a bar, and the fact that this cover went to the cause of having a board game specifically chosen by a “game guru” to accommodate the requests of a group gave me a good chuckle.

I have a huge to-do list, with both personal items and school agendas…But I am trying to prioritize the time I have here with the people I have met, because this is a time I will never get back. I hope this can be understood!

Stay tuned for a post about our weekend trip to Zlín, home of a Trumpian Czech legend.

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