Kramář Villa

Today I toured Kramář Villa! The Villa was built in the early 1900s by the first Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Karel Kramář. Today the building is used primarily for greeting leaders of other countries who come to visit.

One really interesting fact about the building is that the Prime Minister’s wife was Russian, and one of her priorities in building the Villa was having her heritage reflected in the architecture of the building. So, the inside is quite mismatched between Russian and Czech neo-baroque styles. I was asked not to share photographs of the inside of the building as the architecture is a matter of national security. While I cannot share pictures publicly, the website of the Villa can. If you want to see what I mean, I found a small photo album you can view here. (I had to provide my passport to get in, so I don’t think I want to toe the line with this rule).

The French-style gardens were quite impressive, and the view from the gardens was unbelieveable! 

View of Prague from the gardens of Kramář Villa
Love this city!

In other words, someone from college asked to list me as a reference for a job application!

I sure do feel adult-y these days.



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